Current Projects

Like many other (dare I say, every other?) gamers, I have a number of projects on which I am working. Some, I even hope to see published one day. This page will tell you a little more about the various projects I have going at the moment. If you find something that interests you, feel free to ask about it. I might even be willing to accept some help on it. And if you are a publisher and see something that strikes your fancy, by all means, speak up!

World at War

Earlier, I had written that this project was going to utilize the True20 game engine, but on more recent thinking, I'm going to go with Spycraft 2.0, instead. The reason is that True20 is great for cinematic action, but Spycraft really digs into the nitty-gritty, especially when it comes to weaponry. In short, it is tailor-made for a World War II game. In fact, I will have to make only minor modifications.

Perpetual Twilight

Perpetual Twilight is a space campaign that I've been kicking around for some time. I've tinkered with it under about six different systems, but I think I have finally settled in on using True20. This project is a little further along than World at War, but not much. I have some very definite ideas about the level of technology, alien races, etc., but at this point, much of it is simply notes on a piece of paper, with very little substance


Of all the projects listed here, Jenneria is simultaneously the most and least complete. On the one hand, I can tell you quite a bit about the world, its cultures, its history, etc. On the other, a lot of it is locked away in my head. Jenneria is a fantasy campaign that I have been building since the dawn of D&D 2nd edition. It currently uses the d20 System ruleset, but with several house rules. As the setting (low-magic) would not transition well to 4th edition, I have elected to keep Jenneria as a d20 System hybrid. Having cemented that decision, work has begun anew on this in-depth campaign.

Steel & Steam

Steel & Steam is also a fantasy world, though with a twist. It is set on Earth, circa 1890. But on this Earth, magic never faded from the world. Though it has begun to lose ground with the rise of technology, magic remains a very prevalent force in the world. And since magic exists, there are also magical races; elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, and many others. Furthermore, a fusion of science and magic has given rise to the automaton, a clockwork being gifted with sentience. Finally, the scientific creation of oxygum has permitted exploration of Earth's closest neighbors, Venus and Mars. Venus, a planet younger than Earth, it a great swamp, filled with dinosaurs and several varieties of lizardmen. Mars, older than Earth, is a dead world with the scattered remnants of an ancient and great civilization. But not all life is gone from the planet, as explorers will discover. Like Jenneria, I've got quite a bit done on Steel & Steam, and quite a bit yet to go. This campaign uses the True20 system.