Knights of the Coast Gaming Club


 The Knights of the Coast Gaming Club started as a circle of friends who met on a weekly basis to enjoy board and role-playing games, as well as fellowship. Originally founded in 2004, the club "went public" in January of 2010. Though the club name reflects its origins, anyone is welcome to join, regardless of where they are located. Our charter is simple:

Get together with friends and/or family, break out a game, and enjoy some quality time! You don't have to limit yourself to board or role-playing games, either! Any enjoyable activity that allows you to spend time together qualifies; whether it's working on a crafts project or stamp collecting. The two quantifiers are: a) it must be fun for all involved, and b) it must involve at least two people.

Since our goal is to accumulate as many members as possible, the club will be divided into chapters. A chapter is designated by the location where most of the gatherings are held. A chapter need not elect individual officers (we're very informal), but may choose to do so within it's own ranks, if desired. Likewise, dues, events, and even regular meetings are entirely optional. Be as regimented or as casual as you wish!

Right now, the only incentive to join is sanction to use the coat of arms on official communications, your website, and at local events (like conventions). However, as our membership grows, we expect to add more.

If you want to join the group, just fill out the form below. If you include your membership roster, we'll post it to this site. If you Facebook, be sure to check us out there and become a fan!

Ocean Springs, MS Chapter
John Grigsby
John Grigsby (father of above)
Beth Grigsby
Pauline Grigsby
Amanda Lepoma
Jeremy Lepoma
Stephen Gill
Blake Bilbo
Don Fallo
Sarah Toball
Mike Brown
Tiffany Brown
Steve Worthen
Mike Wilt

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