The Knights of the Gulf Coast

I am a founding member of the Knights of the Gulf Coast, a gaming club in South Mississippi that consists of a dozen or so members, most of whom are local to the area. We meet on Friday and/or Saturday nights to enjoy an evening of role-playing or board games. We sometimes go to movies, we discuss the latest trends, and some nights we just sit around and shoot the bull. In short, we do the things that friends do. But we are a gaming club, and we do, on occasion, actually play games. And that's what this page is about; the games that we play.

Brave New World

Brave New World is the name of my Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition campaign setting. The name is taken from the fact that the system was brand-new, a departure from anything previously known, and thus, a new world waiting to be explored. Brave New World chronicles the journeys and trials of a group of friends from a small village, one of several "points of light" in a world of darkness. From humble beginnings, they have already grown in power and ability, learning much as they progress. What the future holds, none can say, but already it seems that their destiny is intertwined with an ancient prophecy about a great evil and a child born of darkness and light. This campaign is particularly interesting because there are actually two groups of players, each working towards a common goal. Furthermore, one of the players lives quite a ways from the table, and joins us via Skype and webcam!

Bridgetown Station

At the very edge of known space lies a vast region of space known as the Kellinan Reach. The Reach is only just beginning to be explored, and no one knows what may lie within, or beyond, the 165 light-year expanse. At the very edge of The Reach, on a lone asteroid, sits an abandoned mining facility. No one knows who built it or when, but it has become a haven for thieves, rogues, and ne'er-do-wells. Recently, the Federation has decided that Bridgetown should be monitored, and have towed a refitted Regula-class station to a location about 500 km from the asteroid that Bridgetown was built upon. Far from home, and not exactly welcomed by their neighbors, the crew of Deep Space Six-Alpha, locally known as Bridgetown Station, is charged with monitoring activity at the pirate port, defending Federation interests in the region, and exploring the Kellinan Reach. This campaign is run using the Star Trek the Next Generation Roleplaying Game from Last Unicorn Games.

AD&D Classics

Most recently, I have decided to run a game using the OSRIC (Old-School Rules Index Compilation) rules, which is basically 1st edition AD&D with the serial numbers filed off. The intent is to carry the group through some of the most recognizable and classic adventures in D&D history, including the Saltmarsh trilogy, the Village of Hommlet, the Tomb of Horrors, and several others. I've made a few changes along the way, just because some of the players are well and familiar with these adventures, but it's going to be a blast, none the less. We chose the OSRIC rules over AD&D because OSRIC is cleaner, slicker, and in some cases, better balanced than AD&D was. And it is available for free from Knights-n-Knaves. We are also using the expansion by Charles Rice called OSRIC Unearthed. The campaign is set, where else, in Greyhawk.It is my intent to record the adventures of the heroes on this site, so that interested parties may follow along.